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Finding the perfect home for our animals means also finding the perfect match for adopters.

Through our Adoption program, Columbus Humane works to match healthy and behaviorally sound animals with loving homes. Individuals work with adoption counselors and volunteer matchmakers to find the perfect "match." All dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets adopted from the Columbus Humane are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped. We also work to find homes for a number of different pocket pets like gerbils and guinea pigs. In addition to our traditional adoption program, we also have a special adoptables program for animals with special behavioral or medical needs.



Starting on Monday, February 5th, Columbus Humane will be under renovation! We will still be open for adoptions and to help clients but things will be a little different. If you are coming to look at our adoptable animals, please park at the side of the building and walk to the back to enter through a set of double doors. You will greeted by a volunteer or staff member, who will show you straight through the hallway into our adoptions atrium. Our adoption hours will remain the same: 2-7pm M-F and 12-5pm Sat and Sun. We will be closed Sunday, February 4th to prepare for the renovation. Thank you for your patience and for bearing with us!


The Adoption Process

It’s always our mission to match the perfect pet with the perfect home. And our animals are ready and viewable online, in real time. Once they are adopted, they come off our site. So you can check out who’s waiting for you, right now, right here.

Keep in mind that small dogs and pups tend to move fast, so plan on visiting often.

Getting Started

When you arrive, pick up a clipboard from the adoptions office. Once you’ve found the potential love of your life, speak to one of our counselors.

What to expect

  1. You’ll meet an Adoption Counselor to go over applications and discuss the animal you’re considering. We work with you to ensure your family, home and new family member is a perfect fit.
  2. We’ll review all the documents and permissions (support from other adults in home, landlord permission and home ownership verification).
  3. If your adoption is approved, your new pet can go home with you the same day providing they have had their spay/neuter surgery.  If they haven't had their surgery yet, we will let you know when their surgery is scheduled and you can usually pick them up the next day.  Due to the temporary loss of our hospital due to water damage, a greater number of animals will likely be placed up for adoption pre-surgery and will need to wait to go home until their surgery can be scheduled off-site.

Let's be friends!

Talk to our counselors about how to strategically introduce your new pet to pets already living in your home.  If you are adopting a dog, we suggest that you bring any other dogs living in the home to the shelter for an on-site introduction as part of the process before making a final decision.

What you need to bring with you to adopt:

  • Photo ID
  • If you rent, permission from your landlord to have the pet you are considering.  This can be a letter on business letterhead or phone number where we can reach your landlord (a verifiable business phone).  

Application Forms:

These provide the information that enables us to complete the adoption process.  Feel free to print and complete before you visit us. 

Cat Adoption Application
Dog Adoption Application
Rabbit Adoption Application
Other Adoption Application

Adoption Fees

Here’s what's covered. Unconditional love, always included.

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • First vaccinations
  • Rabies vaccine if animal is old enough
  • Dewormer
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Feline Leukemia and FIV tests (cats)
  • Heartworm test (dogs)
  • Microchip and registration
  • New collar and leash (dogs)

As part of our ReVision initiative, adoption fees for cats are $10 for adult cats and $25 for kittens under the age of 6 months.   

Adoption fees for dogs are set individually based on breed, size and age beginning at $150 for an adult dog and $300 for puppies. Adoption fees for rabbits are $40.  Our pocket pets vary widely on species. With all we provide before you take them home, you’re saving a substantial amount compared to receiving the same services from a veterinary practice.

Adoption Holds

We want our pets in great homes as soon as possible!  We encourage you and your family to come ready to adopt (bring landlord information/permission if you rent your home).  If you need extra time to decide if a particular pet is “the one,” we may be able to place a hold on that animal through the next business day.  All holds are placed at the discretion of staff.  Please note that if a hold is granted, we require a $20 hold fee which is not refundable nor applied to adoption fees.  Holds are not available for puppies aged 4 months and younger.  Up to three holds may be taken for an individual animal.  The adoption process begins with an in-person visit with our animals. For this reason, we do not accept holds over the phone or via email or social media. So, come get your cuddle on!

Frequently Asked Questions - Adoptions

Where do our pets come from?

Our pets come from owners who have brought their pets to us for rehoming, our Cruelty Investigations program, and rescue partner shelters via our EmBARK program.  We have stray cats that have been been brought in by Good Samaritans from within Franklin County.  We do not accept stray dogs -- they are taken in by Franklin County Animal Care & Control.  

What's the adoption process like?

The Columbus Humane Society takes pride in the quality of care provided to the animals.  The shelter is a clean, bright happy place.

You can walk through the adoption area to meet animals looking for a new loving home. Our Customer Care team and volunteer matchmakers will assist you with spending some up close and personal time with animals you would like to meet.

All potential adopters are required to complete an adoption application and meet with an adoption counselor. We take our mission to care for these animals very seriously, and that includes taking the time to find loving, responsible and life-long homes where they will be treated as cherished members of the family. Suitability (which includes dwelling size, children and other animals in the household and size of animal) is carefully considered during the interview. 

I work full time, does that mean I can’t adopt?

Not at all.  If you are away from home 8-9 hours a day, there are plenty of pets who will do fine in your family. But, we don’t recommend getting puppies under 6 months of age if they’ll be alone for more than 3-4 hours at a time.  Instead, consider a dog older than 6 months, or a cat of any age.  As long as you are able to provide for the specific emotional, physical and behavioral needs of the animal you are considering, and are willing to spend plenty of quality time with your pet when you are home, you are capable of being a great pet parent!

What’s DSH?  DMH?  DLH?

Domestic Short Hair, which is the most common type of cat to come into our shelter.  We also have Domestic Medium Hair and Domestic Long Hair kitties.

What’s a crossbreed?

Basically mix-breed animals who come in all wonderful shapes, sizes and personalities.

Does my animal have to be implanted with a microchip?

Yes, we microchip all dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets.  A microchip is the best way to reunite you with your pet should you become separated.  

It’s a quick, non-surgical process that involves injecting a sterile microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, between a pet’s shoulder blades. The implanting procedure is painless and animals cannot feel the microchip afterwards.

Each microchip has a code that becomes part of a database. When an animal arrives at a shelter, the animal is scanned to see if he or she has a microchip. If the animal has been microchipped, the code will help identify the owner so they can be contacted to be reunited with their pet.  For this reason, it is critical that you keep your microchip contact information up to date.

This preventative measure is particularly important considering that many shelters do not have regulations on how long they are required to keep a stray animal (in Franklin County, Ohio, statute does not regulate how many days a shelter must keep a stray cat).

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